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PD: User Group web-facility *** N*O*W available ***

Witam K&K
przesylam ponizsza wiadomosc do dyskusji.
Czy nam jest ta usluga potrzebna?
Marek Milosz

Ponawiam zapytanie o ukierunkowanie Konferencji Klubu. 
Jesli sa "specjalne zyczenia" czlonkow Klubu to postaram sie "sciagnac" specjalnych wykladowcow.
Odbedzie sie ona w dniach 27-29 maja 98 w Kazimierzu n/Wisla.

-----Oryginalna wiadomość-----
Od:	Steve Blow [SMTP:steve.blow@progress.com]
Wysłano:	27 stycznia 1998 20:37
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Temat:	User Group web-facility *** N*O*W available ***

Ladies & Gents

I'm pleased to announce the availability of an innovative but
standardised  web-based Progress User Group advertisement & database
membership registration facility, potentially for your User Group to
use. The site, hosted by Advendum, a Dutch ISP using WebSpeed at the
core of it's operations :

* uses Progress internet / database technology for page navigation &

* holds User-maintainable content in the database,

* is priced at highly competitive service rates for Progress User

Regarding price, should you choose to use this service, it will cost
your User Group a total of $350 USD to operate the site for a year. You
can be up and running on the web within one week or less of deciding to
do so and therefore you can be operational in time for your next User
Group meeting !

The content (text / local languauge, graphics & appearance) running on
your site is entirely up to yourselves. To prove the capability, I
edited some of the content which is now accessible on
www.advendum.com/pug & it really is 'a piece of cake' to do. So why
don't you try it out ?

When you call up advendum.com/pug there are two options on this page,
Progress Users Group information and Progress Users Group login.
'Information' shows how your site would look, 'login' is the editing
facility requiring a User Name and Password, not supplied here.

We would appreciate knowing whether you would like to have your User
group web-site established with Advendum on or before 6th February '98.

Good surfing !