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Profiles Writers Wanted!

Dear Colleagues,

Have you ever wanted to make a technical contribution to the Profiles Magazine? 
Now is your chance! As the Profiles Technical Editor, I'd love to get your ideas 
for upcoming editions. 

The piece I'm specifically looking for is for "The Source" column of the 
magazine.  This section is only one page in length and includes a technical 
"tidbit" - which means --a neat little piece of code, a trick, a "how to", or an 
interface to an outside product.  The article needs to of significance to the 
Progress development community.

For example, in the last edition Lee Gray (Pre-Sales SE Region) wrote an 
article on "How to write a dynamic query" for the App Server.  In the previous 
edition, Peter Simmons (Consulting) wrote a piece on "Creating a User Definable 
Smart Browser". 

The next Profiles will announce Webspeed 2.0, Actuate and version 8.2.  The 
following edition will focus on Migration. Your contribution could be on these 
topics, or any other.  Feel free to contact me at x 4348. The deadline for the 
next article is May 12, 1997.