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[Fwd: Andrew Eisenberg's SQL/JDBC Book gets Published!]

Ciekawostka przyrodnicza - progressowiec napisal ksiazke o SQL-u,

Patrick Lannigan wrote:

> All,
> Congratulations are in order for Andrew Eisenberg, who has just had
> his first book published:
>         Understanding SQL and Java Together: A Guide to SQLJ, JDBC,
>         and Related Technologies, Jim Melton and Andrew Eisenberg,
>         Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, May 2000.
> The book shows off Andrew's talent and knowledge in the SQL/JDBC area.
> Andrew is the Manager of Standards and Consortia for Progress
> Software. What does that mean? It means that Andrew is the primary
> interface for Progress to the various standards bodies in our
> industry that are relevant to our products.
> If you want to know more about the book - click on the hyperlink
> below - or read the text description following this email.
> All questions about the book should, of course, be directed
> to Andrew.
> Happy Reading!
> Patrick Lannigan
> http://www.mkp.com/books_catalog/catalog.asp?ISBN=1-55860-562-2
> Understanding SQL and Java Together: A
> Guide to SQLJ, JDBC, and Related
> Technologies
> Jim Melton, Andrew Eisenberg
> May 2000
> 512 pages
> Paper w/ CD
> $49.95
> ISBN 1-55860-562-2
> Order This Book | Authors | Contents | Errata | Related Titles
> With the growth of Java and the rise of database-powered Web
> applications, the need to use Java with SQL is clear. Until now,
> authoritative coverage of the techniques available to meet these
> challenges and reap their benefits-both programming and career
> benefits-didn't exist.
> Understanding SQL and Java Together examines all the standards for
> combining SQL and Java. It shows you exactly how to use their
> features to write efficient and effective code supporting Java access
> to
> SQL data in a variety of ways. You'll gain a thorough understanding of
> the relationship between SQL and Java, which will allow you to write
> static and dynamic SQL programs in Java, merge Java code with SQL
> databases and SQL code, and use other data management techniques
> wherever appropriate.
> Features:
> Covers all the technologies for using SQL and Java together,
> including JDBC, Java Blend, and SQLJ Parts 0, 1, and 2
> Explains how to embed SQL code in Java and take advantage
> of Java's ability to compile that code for a specific DBMS
> Explains how to store and invoke Java routines in an SQL
> database-and how to store Java objects in an SQL database for
> seamless interchange among application layers
> Covers dynamic SQL access techniques using JDBC and
> advantageous ways to combine static and dynamic SQL
> Comes with a CD-ROM containing Oracle's JDeveloper ,
> Sybase's Adaptive Server Anywhere, Informix's Cloudscape,
> the complete database schema, and the complete text of most of
> the examples
> Authors:
> Andrew Eisenberg is Manager of Standards and Consortia at
> Progress Software Corporation. He represents his company on the
> ANSI NCITS Technical Committee H2 for Database, the W3C XML
> Query Work Group, and the Transaction Processing Performance
> Council. He has represented prior companies on the OMG and the
> SQLJ informal group.
> Jim Melton is editor of all parts of ISO/IEC 9075 and representative
> for database standards at Oracle Corporation. Since 1986, he has
> been his company's representative to ANSI NCITS Technical
> Committee H2 for Database, and the US representative to ISO/IEC
> JTC1/SC32/WG3. He was the editor of SQL-92, and of the recently
> published SQL:1999 suite of standards, and is the author of
> Understanding the New SQL: A Complete Guide.
> --
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> Director, Business Development
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