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World-cup fantasy scoreboard, Another Webspeed

Wszystkich fanów piłki nożnej zapraszam do zabawy w zgadywanie wyników meczów 
Mistrzostw Świata. Wyniki obstawiać można na stronie http://worldcup.vnu.co.uk, 
tam tez znajduje sie pełny regulamin. Jeszcze dziś można przystąpić do 
konkursu.  Nagrodą dla zwycięzcy jest wyjazd na finał mistrzostw (bilet, 
przelot, hotel); warto spróbować swoich sił!

Paweł Dobrzyński

Aplikacja została stworzona w WebSpeedzie i działa na bazie danych Progress.

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Subject:	World-cup fantasy scoreboard

Calling all football (soccer) fans world-wide.  If you follow football
and are interested in the World Cup why not visit the following
website (after office hours of course!): http://worldcup.vnu.co.uk
This features a competition based around a WebSpeed application.  The
competition is being promoted by Computing, a leading UK weekly news
publication.  The concept is simple.  The participant predicts the
results of each of the matches in the World Cup.   Whoever predicts
the results most accurately will be flown to the World Cup final as a
VIP guest. The application was written by members of our consulting
team here in the UK and has resulted in some very positive publicity
for both Progress and the WebSpeed product.  Thanks go out to the
following people Simon West Doug Merrett Shaun Riordan Chris Skeldon
who all at some time or other made space in their hectic schedules to
make this happen. 
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