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Webspeed 2.1 c.d. (po angielsku)

We are pleased to announce the First Commercial Shipment of WebSpeed 2.1 
for all platforms.  Thank you to all supporting organizations and the 
Release Team in providing a timely and high quality product update.

WebSpeed 2.1 includes all WebSpeed 2.0 functionality with the following 
 - Workshop support for Netscape Navigator 4.x and Microsoft
      Internet Explorer 4.x browsers
 - DataServer support (via ODBC on WindowsNT) for Sybase 11; MSAccess 
2.0,7.0; and Microsoft SQL 6.5
 - Bug fixes

Additionally, a 25-Agent WebSpeed Transaction Server (no Dispatcher 
included) is now available.  The price list and migration guide are 
being updated to reflect this change.

Pawel Dobrzynski, CSBI Progress Department

   Computer Systems for Business International SA
   ul. Plowiecka 1, PL 04-501 Warszawa, POLAND
   phone: (+48-22) 673-16-80  fax: (+48-22) 612-31-22