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(Fwd) Progress Home Page Rated: Superior!!!

--- Forwarded mail from cho@bedford.progress.COM (Christiaan Holman)

Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 16:22:38 -0400
From: cho@bedford.progress.COM (Christiaan Holman)
To: progress-worldwide@pick.bedford.progress.com
Subject: Progress Home Page Rated: Superior!!!

The October issue of AS/400 Systems Management recently published an 
article on Progress Software's Home Page.  The article (see below) 
praised its accessibility, excellent content as well as ease of use!  We 
wanted to share this with you and also invite you to check out the 
spiffy new "Fall Theme" on the highly rated Progress Home Page. 

Happy surfing....

Christiaan Holman
Manager, International Web Marketing

<<Progress Software - "Superior surfing…">>

Progress Software, a Bedford Park, Mass., supplier of Internet, 
and host-based software tools, uses its Web site to give customers what 
need: information about new and existing products, news about the 
company and 
its partners, and links to industry-related news groups.

It's the way they do it that is refreshing. Icons representing four main 
of business greet the visitor upon entering the site. Links to 
Internet, ActiveX or Java solutions take the visitor to the products of 

I decided to check out Progress/400 DataServer, a client/server utility 
provides applications with transparent access to DB2/400 databases. You 
need to be a programmer to understand the straightforward highlights 
that make 
this product viable. The product's features and basic requirements are 
out in simple terms, upgrade paths are clearly defined, and the site 
even lists 
sister products to consider. Progress concludes each such product 
section with a 
"Special Note" of good-to-know information. For Progress/400 DataServer, 
it was 
helpful to learn about that special support notes that apply to Unix 

Assuming that for any given product the information given may be enough 
to whet 
you appetite, Progress also offers links to Build, Analyze & Design, 
Develop & 
Test, Deploy, and Manage & Update. Upon entering these sections, custom 
are offered to other products and services. 

Although not all its software is downloadable, Progress does offer a 
sneak peak 
at Apptivity, its 100 percent Java Multi-Tier Database Application 
Visitors can download either a demo or trial copy.

With all the complicated, splashy graphics - and subsequent paralysis of 
connection - that occludes many vendor Web sites, it was a pleasure to 
through this one. By the way, once visitors arrive, they are encouraged 
to rate 
the Progress site, I already did.


---End of forwarded mail from cho@bedford.progress.COM (Christiaan