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jeszcze o WebSpeedzie

przesylam (tylko po angielsku) informacje o pierwszej aplikacji 
Webspeedowej. To byla informacja dla prasy, wiec moze byc troche bla 
bla bla.




STC Builds The Internet’s Fastest-Growing, Free Employment Site With

BEDFORD, Mass., March 17, 1997 -- Progress Software Corporation
(NASDAQ:  PRGS) today announced that HeadHunter.NET©
(http://www.HeadHunter.NET), the Internet's first free, full-featured,
interactive job search and recruiting aid was built and launched in
just three weeks.  Developed by Software Technology Corporation (STC),
a software consulting firm, HeadHunter.NET is made possible by
Progress Software’s WebSpeedä Internet Transaction Processing
application development tool.

HeadHunter.NET now has over 11,000 jobs on-line and services more than
10,000 searches per day.  With employment opportunities ranging from
part-time to jobs with salaries of up to $500,000, the total value of
salaries for jobs posted on the site is nearly $1 billion.  The
popularity of the site is due to its exceptional searching
characteristics that surpass those provided by other recruiting sites.

HeadHunter.NET is fully automated with WebSpeed technology and was
designed with unique capabilities that can save recruiters and
jobseekers time and money by efficiently organizing what can be an
overwhelming sea of information.

WebSpeed Brought the Site from Drawing Board to the Web in Three Weeks
"We needed to quickly develop an application that would be able to
scale a significant amount of data. WebSpeed’s solid, enterprise-level
web development capabilities allowed us to deliver a very significant
amount of data with both ease and efficiency," said STC President
Warren Bare.  "It gave us a very easy-to-program interface to a
back-end database, it was so easy that it only took us three weeks to
develop and launch HeadHunter.NET."

WebSpeed is the first commercially available, open development and
deployment environment that enables organizations to quickly and
productively build transaction processing applications on the Internet
and corporate intranets.  The WebSpeed solution meets the three key
requirements needed for delivering robust Internet transaction
processing applications:  it scales dynamically to support expanding
volumes of Web activity; it ensures data integrity; and it delivers
robust performance.  In addition, the open architecture of the
WebSpeed solution allows developers to choose the leading technology
that best suits their applications and computing environment.

About Software Technology Corporation
Software Technology Corporation (http://www.GoSTC.com), based in
Atlanta, provides consulting and technical support to the application
development community. STC specializes in Internet application
development services and in expediting development of high-performance

About Progress Software Corporation 
Progress Software Corporation (http://www.progress.com), headquartered
in Bedford, Mass., is a leading supplier of application development
and database technology and support services to business, government
and industry worldwide. The Company’s new WebSpeedÔ product enables
the rapid development and deployment of robust business applications
so that customers, partners and vendors can access corporate databases
to conduct Internet, intranet or extranet-based business transactions.
The PROGRESSÒ product line enables the efficient development and
deployment of enterprise-class client/server applications. Progress
Software employs 1,100 professionals in nearly 60 offices across North
America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America.  More than 2,300
Application Partners (APs) use Progress Software products to build and
deploy applications across a broad spectrum of platforms – Internet,
intranet, client/server and host-terminal environments. These APs sold
more than $1.5 billion worth of PROGRESS-based applications globally
in 1996. 

    # # #

For More Information, Contact:
Liza Beth Hayman				Nancy Kashanek
Progress Software Corporation			Schwartz Communications
(617) 280-4697					617/684-0770
hayman@bedford.progress.com			nancyk@schwartz-pr.com

Warren Bare					Linda Marquis
Software Technology Corp.			Software Technology Corp.
(770) 813-8892					(603) 881-5358

PROGRESS is a registered trademark and WebSpeed is a trademark of
Progress Software Corporation.  All other products and company names
mentioned herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their
respective companies.

Pawel Dobrzynski, CSBI Progress Department

   Computer Systems for Business International SA
   ul. Plowiecka 1, PL 04-501 Warszawa, POLAND
   phone: (+48-22) 673-16-80  fax: (+48-22) 612-31-22