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PD: PROGRESS/MFG PRO - moze kogos zainteresuje

praca za granica
Marek Milosz
-----WiadomoϾ oryginalna-----
Od: Jeff Thomas <euroserv@netcomuk.co.uk>
Do: marekm@pluton.pol.lublin.pl <marekm@pluton.pol.lublin.pl>
Data: 3 paŸdziernika 2001 14:21

Dear Marek,

I wonder if you may be able to help me.

I am seeking several Progress/Mfg Pro developers and DBA‘s for a client in Belgium with little or no success to date. Is there a particular place where one should be advertising these vacancies within the Progress user community?

Please feel free to forward this message to any of your colleagues who may be interested in such vacancies. I would appreciate hearing from you with any advice you can offer.

Finally please accept my apologies for this intrusion. I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Kind regards


Jeff Thomas