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Re: Problem z ProControl na Win2000

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                      ProControl/ProService Error 53

       If you are using ProControl to administer your Progress database(s)
       and you encounter ProControl Error 53 this KBase entry may help.

       The likely cause of this error is that you do NOT have a network card
       installed on this machine. An alternate cause could be that you do
       have a network card installed, but it isn't being recognized by the
       WinNT or Windows 2000 operating systems.

       To resolve this problem, you may have to install a network card or
       verify that the operating system is acknowledging the network card.

       If you do not have a network card installed or don't plan on having
       a network card on the machine, you may have to install the Microsoft
       Local Loopback Adapter as a possible workaround. This suggested
       workaround is to simulate network connectivity.

       The WinNT or Windows 2000 installation CD is required to incorporate
       this workaround.

       If you are using the IPX/SPX protocol, a frame type of 802.3 is the
       default, and should be accepted. For TCP/IP configurations,
       specify an IP address of and a subnet mask of You will need to restart the WinNT Server for this
       change to become effective.

       In some cases, this problem had been seen when a WinNT server
       (or NT Workstation) was not available in the SERVER MANAGER,
       which means that this machine was not recognized by the network.
       This type of problem will exhibit itself in the Windows Event Viewer
       as error 8007. To solve this particular problem, remove the machine
       from the Windows Domain, and re-add it (via CONTROL PANEL -> NETWORK).
       Re-apply any service packs if the network adapter driver was
       changed or modified.

       NOTE: This problem has been seen by Microsoft when using their own
       MS SQL Server product. Microsoft has published their own "Q" article
       which can be located at the following Microsoft URL:


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