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PD: Hungarian Relationship

Moze kogos zainteresuje "kontakt węgierski"
Marek Milosz
-----Wiadomoœć oryginalna-----
Od: Istvan HOLLO <hollo@mail.digitel2002.hu>
Do: marekm@pluton.pol.lublin.pl <marekm@pluton.pol.lublin.pl>
Data: 14 sierpnia 2000 22:02
Temat: Hungarian Relationship

Dear Mr. Marek,
We are a small software company (8-10 people). We use Progress from 8 years ago (from version 6). We looking for a polish company which is interested to a professional or/and businnes relationship to Hungary. If you know any company please pass this mail to.
Thanks for your help,
Best regards.
Istvan HOLLO
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