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[Fwd: [Fwd: Baza Multi-volume na Novell-u ?]]

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Cze¶ć. Z tego zo pamiętam mog± być problemy opisane w PKB:

HOW TO CREATE NLM and Multi-Volume. Avoid:".lk file exists"

When you plan on using a multi-volume database with an NLM server,
please keep the following in mind:
When creating the structure file (.st), you must use the full Netware
path with all the necessary backslashes (\):
         d        sys:\apps\progress\database\example.d1  f  8000
         d        sys:\apps\progress\database\example.d2  f  8000
         d        vol1:\apps\progress\database\example.d3
When you use the PROSTRCT command, the full Netware path also must be
   prostrct create sys:\apps\progress\database\example.db example.st
Also with the PROCOPY command, full Netware path must be used:
   procopy empty sys:\apps\progress\database\example
The full Netware path must be used everytime you reference the
database, including:
NLM load line:  load _mprosrv sys:\apps\progress\database\example
Any proutils:  proutil sys:\apps\progress\database\example -C truncate
*** Even when you need to access the database single user:  ****
     pro sys:\apps\progress\database\example
12/10/93: this is now documented in Technical Bulletin Volume 6
Edition 18 dated October 1993, page 2
Progress Software Technical Support Note # 11407

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