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A quick reminder: Friday is the last day to get the Early Bird
discount for this year's Worldwide PROGRESS User Conference in May.
The price is $995, with a $95 user group discount available to 
PEG Members and other user group members. After Friday, the price
goes up $100 to 1095 through April 16. After April 16 the price
goes to $1295.

The UK PROGRESS Users Group is offering a 50lb discount to PEG 
members wishing to attend their Spring Conference in March.
Visit  http://www.puguk.org . 

In the US, the Regional PROGRESS Conferences will be offering a $50 PEG 
discount to PEG members attending the conference. Visit 
http://www.erinet.com/chazg/CPA/ for information on the April conference
April 11 - 13 in Columbus, Ohio. If you can't make the Boston conference,
this is probably the next best thing. There's a $60 PEG member discount,
but it's not showing on the Web site yet, though they do have a field 
to capture your PEG membership number. Chat with Chas Griesemer
chasg@erinet.com for information on how to acquire the discount.
On top of the PEG discount, if you act soon, there's a $50 earybird
discount. Taken together, this is a nearly 25% off the full 
conference price, $335 instead of $445. 

PEG Manager

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