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PD: User Group web-facility

poniewaz lista sie uaktywnila przesylam na nie info-zapytanie z Europejskiego Klubu Uzytkownikow PROGRESSa.

Prosze o ew, uwagi nt. zawarte w prosbie-propozycji
Marek Milosz

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Od:	Steve Blow [SMTP:steveb@emea.progress.com]
Wysłano:	19 listopada 1998 12:47
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Temat:	User Group web-facility


We are continuing to evolve the web-facilities that Progress Software can
provide for yourselves - the Progress User Group community. As such a
potential opportunity has emerged based upon work performed by the Progress
User Group in Sweden. If there is sufficient interest from yourselves, it
just might be possible to make a standard application available to you based
upon the work done in Sweden.

The application addresses a number of requirements including :

- User Group description
- Membership administration
- Events
- Discussion group
- Tips & tricks
- Applications search
- Consultants search
- Third party product resellers
- Progress links
- Contact the User Group

Would you please take a look at the Swedish site and then let me know :

- if this could form the basis of an application for your User Group ?
- what changes you would require in order to make it live for your User
Group ?
- if you would be prepared to spend $1,500 US to establish your site ?

Please take a look at the site at :


and I would appreciate your opinion on the above questions or before the
close of business 27th November please.


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